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Today marks a major milestone in occupational safety with the introduction of NEOSafe™, an innovative non-hazardous adsorbent powder. This revolutionary new product has many advantages over traditional hazardous products, making it ideal for use in a variety of industries and applications.

NEOSafe™ is a lightweight material that is hydrophobic (resists water absorption), has a low heat transfer coefficient, and can be used on materials ranging from concrete to fabric. What sets NEOSafe™ apart from other products on the market is its zero respirable crystalline silica content, making it safer to use without requiring workers to wear special respiratory equipment or handle it with extra caution.

We developed a non-toxic adsorbent powder as a powerful and effective petrochemical cleanup solution to help reduce slip and fall accidents in the workplace. Businesses that use NEOSafe Sorbent Powder can save a substantial amount of money by avoiding the costs associated with slip and fall injuries. By keeping their floors clean and free from slip hazards, they can reduce the risk of workplace accidents while minimizing medical bills, legal costs, time off work for recovery, and other related expenses. On average, employers face an estimated $70 billion per year in worker’s compensation claims due to slip and fall accidents. By using NEOSafe Adsorbent Powder to reduce these risks, businesses can save a significant amount of money each year.

“We have tested our product extensively and are confident that it meets all safety requirements for use in industrial settings,” said Debra Hardy, CEO of Huron Industries. “This product was designed with both safety and convenience in mind so that workers can do their jobs without worrying about potential hazards.”

Our proprietary material is not only an effective petrochemical adsorbent but also a powerful additive to support other bulk spill cleanup products. By adding a small amount of NEOSafe™ to existing spill control products, businesses can increase the absorption capacity of the product and make it more efficient at mopping up liquids. This allows companies to save time and money on their spill-cleanup efforts without sacrificing safety or efficiency. NEOSafe™ can be used as both a standalone product and as an additive for bulk spill cleanup products.

NEOSafe™ also offers Spill Kits an added layer of protection due to the powder’s non-hazardous nature. Its ability to easily adsorb petrochemicals makes it ideal for containing spills quickly and efficiently with minimal cleanup required afterward. Although further certifications are needed, this product could be especially beneficial in environments where hazardous substances may be present as well as in areas where cleanliness is paramount such as medical facilities or food processing plants.

“We are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking new product,” said Todd Cawley, Sales Director of Huron Industries. “NEOSafe™ provides a safe and reliable solution for liquid material spills that won’t put workers at risk. We believe that this product will revolutionize occupational safety standards around the world.” — Todd Cawley

Huron’s revolutionary adsorbent product is one of the safest and most effective oil and gas adsorbents in the world. It quickly adsorbs petrochemical liquids, helping to keep floors clean and free from slip hazards, while also being safe for use on all types of surfaces. This makes it an ideal product for industrial workplaces, helping to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents and minimize significant financial impacts associated with workplace injuries. With its superior absorption capacity, NEOSafe Adsorbent Powder is making the industrial world a safer place for workers everywhere.

Join Huron Industries and the Occupational Safety Revolution contact todd.cawley@neolube.global.