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Neolube No. 2 is an anti-seize compound and industrial lubricant for moving parts at nuclear power generating plants. It is easy to use and is applied in a thin coat, so there is no need for redesigning of component dimensions. It is also a very stable compound that resists abrasions and lubricates rubbing surfaces as well as moving and threaded connections.


It comes in a ready to use form so you can quickly start your projects. It is easily applied with a brush or roller to clean and dry surfaces. It will air dry in 5 minutes and ready for use in 30, making Neolube No. 2 a practical product. 

Health and Safety

This product is flammable so store and handle with care. Use appropriate PPE when using the Neolube as it should not be inhaled, swallowed, or come into contact with skin. Immediate medical attention should be administered in such cases. Re-seal the container tightly after use and store it in a dry, cool area with lots of ventilation. Protect from direct sunlight.

While designed as an industrial lubricant, Neolube has found its way into hobby projects. It performs well as a fast-drying, paintable solution when looking for a steel-like appearance. Model railroaders use the product to give plastic models the look of metal and the added bonus of lubrication. Cosplay enthusiasts also use Neolube for “painting armor” in the costume designs with excellent results. 

Ultimately Neolube is a versatile lubricating product that has been used to enhance both industrial components and hobby crafts alike. Huron Industries is a globally recognized provider of innovative specialty lubricants and sealants for lubricating and sealing the internal and auxiliary equipment mechanisms of commercial and naval nuclear reactor systems. Contact us for more information.