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Neolube No. 1260 Tech is a superior lubricant paste and anti-seize compound. Used in nuclear factories, it is a durable sealant that can withstand the most severe conditions. Its multi-purpose functionality also makes it the more preferred effective bolt lubricant. If you are new to the product, it has many interesting properties and features.

A unique graphite-based pipe sealant

Designed to withstand extremely high temperature, this paste is specially designed with powerful graphite as its base ensuring that the substrate is lubricated effectively for a considerable length of time.

Where can it be used?

It is advisable to use Neolube No.1260 in an ethylene oxide service as it is incompatible to be used in an oxygen-only service where chemicals such as nitrates, persulfates, perbenzoate, and peroxides are used.

What makes Neolube No. 1260 different from other lubricants

Of the most noteworthy properties of Neolube No. 1260, its flexibility, compatibility, conformability, and resiliency come out on top. Its molding capabilities ensure that it coats even the hardest to reach places creating an effective, durable seal.

It is recommended for use on pipe joints in critical services that are small in diameter, and it will not harden or cure even after years of use under high temperatures. This handy benefit will ensure that if pipe joints need to be disassembled, it is a much easier process.

How to use Neolube No. 1260

Nitrile and Viton gasket measures are most compatible with the product while EPDM, Silicone, and Neoprene gaskets should not be used in conjunction with Neolube No. 1260.

Enable to last a minimum of two years from the date of its first application, it is long-lasting and therefore cost-effective, and comes with easy to use instructions.

Neloube No.1260 is a highly beneficial thread pipe lubricant with a high chemical purity and has excellent properties which include good thermal stability, low halogen content, and excellent radiation resistance, making it ideal for use in critical service applications.

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