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The proper use of the injectable sealant Neolube No. 1260 is important to note when making use of this product in your nuclear factory. The following recommendations will help to ensure the proper handling and usage of this product.

Proper hygiene procedures must be followed

As with any chemically based adherent, good hygiene standards must be practiced. So, proper handwashing with soap and water when handling the product is always a good starting point to keep in mind when using Neolube No. 1260.

Proper protective clothing must be worn in a well-ventilated area. Respiratory protection should be used where there is insufficient ventilation when working with Neolube No.1260. Other protective clothing such as goggles, face masks, gloves, and non-slip boots should also be worn. Should accidental exposure occur, applicable first-aid measures should be administered. The following is a basic guideline of what should be done and when:

  • In case of eye contact (causing the eye to tear or if redness or discomfort occurs), flush out with water for up to 15 minutes. If the symptoms get worse, then medical attention should be sought.
  • If in contact with the skin, you should remove all contaminated clothing and wash the affected area with soap and water.
  • In case of ingestion, wash the mouth out thoroughly with water and administer a glass or two of water to the patient if required. Do not, by any means, induce vomiting and seek medical attention promptly.
  • If inhaled, remove the person into an area with good ventilation or into the open, and call for medical attention should the person experience any respiratory discomfort.

What to do in the event of a fire

In the case of a fire occurring in the presence of Neolube No.1260, standard fire-fighting methods should be employed to extinguish the flames using foam, carbon dioxide, and/ or dry powder. Firefighters on the scene should be aware of potentially hazardous gases that may be emitted and should ensure that full protective clothing and equipment is worn.

Proper Disposal of Neolube No. 1260

Proper disposal of waste by-products should be adhered to according to local regulations. Due to the insoluble nature of Neolube No. 1260 and to avoid any potential adverse effects on the environment through continuous disposal of the product in large quantities, waste materials should be disposed of in sealed, labeled containers. It is encouraged to reuse and recycle waste materials where you can.

Neoloube No. 1260 is a safe injectable sealant when used under the right conditions. As with any chemically- based product product-specific handling specifications should be adhered to as a precautionary measure to prevent any unforeseen or unnecessary accidents. 

For more information about Neolube No. 1260 and how it works, contact Huron Industries