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Neolube No. 1, manufactured by Huron Industries, is a dry film, anti-seize product used for lubricating moving parts and surfaces at nuclear facilities. While it is highly resistant to radiation and is a pure chemical, it must be handled with care and safety in mind.

Safety Protocols


This product is very irritating to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. Proper PPE should be worn at all times while handling. You should also have an exhaust ventilation system in place when handling and applying Neolube No. 1 and avoid breathing in any vapors.


If your skin comes into contact with the lubricant, wash thoroughly. Any clothing that has been soiled must be removed and washed immediately. Flush your eyes immediately if you accidentally splash any in your eyes. If irritation on skin or eyes persists then you must get medical attention. You may also experience drowsiness or dizziness, if experienced move to a fresh air location. Please pay attention to any symptoms from exposure and seek help as required.


Neolube No. 1 is flammable and should be stored securely in a cool, well-ventilated area. Keep away from all flammable sources including heat, sparks or open flame. After use, the container should be closed tightly and locked up. If you need to dispose of any product please follow all government regulations.

Using proper operating principles, this product is very safe and effective for lubrication and abrasion resistance. Understanding emergency protocols helps workers better understand the use and storage of Neolube No. 1 and ensure the safety of their work environment. Contact Huron Industries today to learn more.