Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), often referred to as moly, is widely used as a dry film lubricant in a variety of military, aeronautic and nuclear applications. Robust and stable at high temperatures and pressures, and extremely resistant to oxidation, MoS2 complies with industry standards and is trusted by lubrication engineers.

Molybdenum disulfide in the nuclear industry

MoS2-based products consistently test well for three properties that are vital to lubricants being used under the high temperatures, pressures and radiation levels of nuclear reactors: adhesion, thermal stability, and resistance to corrosion. 

Thermal stability is a crucial consideration for lubricants used in nuclear reactors since these environments typically reach temperatures of 300°C and higher. MoS2 consistently meets the requirements for thermal stability at these temperatures.

Adhesion is another essential quality, since the lubricant needs to adhere to various working parts under extreme conditions. Moly performs admirably in this regard as well.  Even when it comes into contact with fluids such as trichloroethane, JP-4 jet fuel, synthetic hydraulic fluid and silicone damping fluid, it adheres powerfully to steel surfaces. Moly is also highly resistant to corrosion. When undergoing salt spray tests, it has been shown to protect stainless steel against 100 hours of consistent salt spray. 

Measured against various industry standards, as well as through extensive successful usage, molybdenum disulfide proves itself an excellent lubricant for the nuclear industry. Huron Industries markets a preparation of MoS2 in isopropanol, a lubricant designed for applications where strict control of impurities is required. It can be used on threaded fasteners and other anti-seize applications of closely-fitted parts. It is certified to military specification MIL-L-24478 and comes in two forms: a premixed kit in an 8-ounce bottle with applicator brush and a kit that includes 1500 grams of MoS2 with 1000ml of isopropanol.

Huron Industries is a woman-owned and woman-led industrial sealant and lubricant supplier for the nuclear industry. Our MoS2/ isopropanol products have incredibly high lubricity and provide powerful resistance to extreme temperatures and pressures.

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