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NEOSafe sorbent powder is a special form of plastic that at its core has pre-formed hollow spheres as the main building blocks of the small particles in the oil cleanup product NEOSafe. The ordered structure of the hollow spheres gives it the cellular makeup that is ideal for oil cleanup when manufactured to the correct particle size relative to the cellular sphere size. 

The unique formula for cell structure to particle size makes NEOSafe the easiest and safest product on the market to clean up that last bit of oil residue on slippery floors, clean greasy parts, or remove oil from a wide range of surfaces. 

NEOSafe’s VALUE is its ability to rapidly clean up, in one application, the oily film left at the end of a floor oil spill and remove oil and grease easily from any surface!

Some of the characteristics of NEOSafe are:

  • Lightweight
  • Long storage over a wide range of temperatures
  • Low heat transfer coefficient
  • Easy cleanup with a cotton rag or paper towel
  • Hydrophobic, making it resistant to attracting liquid water 
  • Easily swept up with a broom or vacuum
  • Disposable with trash or recycling before it has adsorbed oil
  • Can be used on a wide variety of materials from concrete to fabric 
  • No special handling or respiratory equipment needed for handling
  • Not carcinogenic

NEOSafe is a great cleaning solution for a wide range of industries and applications with this combination of factors:

  • Oil or grease cleanup is a common challenge. This might be anything from oily, slippery floors to a greasy part cleanup
  • Safety is important by minimizing hazardous cleaning chemicals
  • Time to “totally” clean up an oil spill to a non-slippery surface is important (by saving several of the final steps necessary to clean up with traditional chemicals)
  • “Total Cost” of cleaning oily or greasy surfaces is important. By saving big on injury costs and cleanup man-hours, NEOSafe offers a clear advantage in the total cost and high ROI

Some industries that will most benefit from using NEOSafe are:

  • Metal Fabrication using traditional machining methods
  • Automotive
  • Municipality public works
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation
  • Retail and Grocery

For more information about NEOSafe and other Huron Industries products, give us a call at 1 (810) 984 4213.