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Neolube by Huron Industries has been used in the nuclear power industry as a premium thread lubricant and anti-seize. It embodies many of the best characteristics of a dry lubricant:

  • Long lasting
  • Minimum dirt and dust collection
  • Doesn’t dry to a goo like oil-based lubricants
  • Much higher heat and pressure ranges
  • Optimum for “maintenance free” applications

With these important characteristics, we have collected 101 Uses for Dry Lubricants. There are thousands of unique uses for these capable lubricants. 

  1. Anti-sieze compound
  2. Locks of all types 
  3. Dry lubricated bearings
  4. Nuclear industry valve caps
  5. Stainless fastener assembly
  6. Aluminum fastener assembly
  7. High temperatures – up to over 2000 deg F
  8. High pressure assemblies
  9. Sliding motions
  10. Reciprocating motions
  11. Chains
  12. Ceramics and polymer surfaces
  13. Metal forming with plastic deformation
  14. Extreme contact pressures
  15. Compounded into polymers for embedded lubrication
  16. Maintenance free applications
  17. Where cleanliness limits oil-based lubrication
  18. Hinges
  19. Band saw tables
  20. Threaded tools like C-clamps and vice grips
  21. Pivot points on heavy lift machinery like engine stands
  22. Inside your wheel wells to minimize ice buildup in winter
  23. Garage door rails
  24. Rust protection on automotive cast iron parts like brake calipers and master cylinders
  25. Exhaust manifolds on show cars (rust protection)
  26. Heavy duty wheels and casters such as welding carts
  27. Tiny parts that can’t get gunked up
  28. Leaf Springs
  29. Shafts
  30. Splines
  31. Bushings
  32. Seat slides
  33. Shears and scissors
  34. Automotive fasteners
  35. Mold release agent
  36. Minimize dirt and dust buildup
  37. Chemically inert needs
  38. Sliding windows
  39. Electric or electromagnetic actuators
  40. Remote control locking systems
  41. Automotive powered closures; sunroof and liftgates
  42. Flexible control cable internals
  43. Control cable attachment pivot points
  44. Conductive parts lubrication
  45. High-Alloy steels in high purity applications
  46. Dusty, dirty, or sandy environments
  47. Sliding drawers
  48. Bifold doors
  49. Printer rails
  50. Saw blades
  51. Wire drawing
  52. Billet coatings
  53. High-speed cutting tools
  54. Cylinder head and exhaust bolts
  55. Run-in of heavy components
  56. Prevent “stick-slip” for noise control
  57. Precise torquing requirement assembly
  58. Magnetic anchors (Temporary mounting without welding)
  59. Disc springs
  60. O-ring lubrication
  61. Plastic part lubrication
  62. Furniture wood to plastic lubrication
  63. Noise minimization for a wide range of material combinations
  64. Switches
  65. Knife-type disconnect switches
  66. Couplings
  67. Die cast machines
  68. Spark plugs
  69. Electrical connectors
  70. Latches
  71. General corrosion prevention
  72. Sheet metal fabrication
  73. Metalworking generally
  74. Vacuum applications
  75. Mine equipment
  76. Construction equipment in dirty areas
  77. Pin and pulley assemblies
  78. Pivots
  79. Anti-stick for chutes and slides
  80. Cart axles with no bearings
  81. Squeaky hardwood floor joints
  82. Open gears
  83. Conveyor chains
  84. Automobile hinges
  85. Snow blower anti-rust
  86. Trailer hitches
  87. Spare tire rack cable
  88. Pop up automobile lights
  89. Tire jack
  90. Gear rust prevention after etching
  91. Anti-freeze for car locks
  92. Rear view mirror balls
  93. Linkages of all types
  94. Winch cables
  95. Zippers of most materials
  96. Plastic shelving for disassembly
  97. Shaft keys and impellers for removal 
  98. Garden tool rust prevention
  99. Bicycle seat and handlebar clamps
  100. Office chair squeaks
  101. Squeaking baby swings

Even with all the great Neolube uses possible, some caution is always advised:

  • Be careful with use on plastics and the delivery mechanism of any dry lubricant you use. The problem is usually not with the graphite or Moly, but with the propellent for sprays or binder for paint on applications
  • These same propellants can be harmful to electronic components such as in automobile doors
  • Always use care around fabric or painted surfaces